FaxMind Server

Connect Desktop Clients to FaxMind Server

  1. Double-click the FaxMind DeskTop Client icon on Desktop;
  2. Click Scanning icon to scan available FaxMind Server on your LAN.
    This may take a few minutes and the client software may stop responding.
  3. Select a Service Provider URL (FaxMind Server) you would like to connect to.
    You can also manually enter the Domain Name and IP Address of your FaxMind server.
  4. In E-mail address field, enter your user's email address. i.e. ben@faxmind.com
  5. Enter the your password.
  6. Click Login.
  • NAT or port forwarding in your Office Router may be set up, in order to enable outside desktop clients to access to an internal FaxMind Server. Usually, the port is 8088.
  • Double-click the FaxMind Desktop Client icon in notification area (system tray) to Compose a new Fax; Right-click for pop up menu.


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