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Before Install

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During the installation process, you will be asked to specify a number of settings for the FaxMind Server. You can save time and end the installation with a fully configured server by knowning the following settings and information before you begin:

  • The directory in which you wish to store logs and saved voices & faxes. The default is D:\FaxMindData.
  • The email address that FaxMind will monitor for outbound faxes, including the server address and authentication information.
  • The outgoing mail server or IP address, logon and password.
  • The administrator email address (system user) used to manager FaxMind Server.
  • Your company infomation, including name, fax & phone number, address, etc., these can be displayed in cover page.
  • If your fax line is behind a PBX or some other switched phone system, an access code may be specified for dialing an outside line, e.g. 9 or 0. See Fax Device Properties in users manual.
  • A Configuration Profile can be used to set and configure the monitoring mailbox, STMP account, Routing Rules, assigned users/departments and Fax Lines. FaxMind allows you add up to 10 configuration profiles.
  • Microsoft SQL Server instance name or MySQL Server address and its logon account if you choose to use one of these database engines, be sure the account has the right to create database & tables.
  • Your Google Apps administrator account if you would like to integrate FaxMind to Google Apps, FaxMind can imports your user list directly.
  • The Identification String (TSID) that you wish to assign to your fax devices, this is usually the same as your company name.
  • Dialogic® Diva Boards
    If you wish to use a Diva Board, Dialogic® Diva® System Release for Windows is highly recommended to be installed on your server before installing FaxMind Server.
    Supported boards: Diva BRI-2FX (PCI), Diva BRI-CTI (PCI), Diva BRI-2 V2 (PCI/PCIe), Diva UM-BRI-2 V2 (PCI/PCIe), Diva 4BRI V2 (PCI/PCIe), Diva UM-4BRI V2 (PCI/PCIe), Diva PRI-CTI (PCI/PCIe), Diva PRI-8 (PCI), Diva V-PRI (PCI/PCIe), Diva UM-PRI (PCI/PCIe), Diva PRI V3 (PCI/PCIe), Diva Analog 2/4/8 (PCI/PCIe), Diva UM-Analog 2/4/8 (PCI/PCIe), Diva V-1PRI (PCIe) and Diva V-2/4PRI (PCI/PCIe), Diva V-1/2/4/8PRI (PCIe) and Diva V-2/4PRI (PCI)
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