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Sending a coverpage only fax with Microsoft Outlook

To send a coverpage only fax:

  1. Click New Mail Message button on toolbar to compose a new email.
  2. In To... line, enter the email account that you know FaxMind Server is monitoring, i.e. faxservice@faxmind.com.
  3. In Subject line, type the recipient's fax numbers, i.e. <203-225-7751>; Daniel Wollman (daniel.wollman@ctmemory.com)
  4. Add the following lines in Body:

    CoverPage or CP - specify a coverpage using its abbreviation. If there's a default cover page setup in FaxMind server, you don't have to enter this line.
    Subject or S - specify the subject for the fax.
    More details about the macros see Mail Macros.
  5. Click Send.

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