FaxMind Server

Use an email address as the fax number to send fax to

Let's suppose you have added the Public Contact: Daniel Wollman, <daniel.wollman@ctmemory.com>, (203) 225-0505 in FaxMind Server (See Fax Recipients) and the contact also exists in your Outlook. You can simply use the contact email address as recipient's phone number to send the fax to:

  1. Click New Mail Message button on toolbar to compose a new email.
  2. Click To... button.

  3. In Select Names: Contacts dialog box, double-click to choose the contact you would like to send fax to.
    Click OK. The selected contact will be added in To line:
  4. Move the all contacts to the Subject line.
  5. In To... line, enter the email account that you know FaxMind Server is monitoring, i.e. faxservice@faxmind.com.
  6. Attach a file you would like to fax by dragging & dropping a file on the compose email dialog box.

  7. Click Send to send out the fax.
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